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The World NEXT ends 

I've been running like crazy at work this week...(ok, this year. OK! This decade).... so this is not as promptly posted as I would have liked.

The Times-Picayune has an article this week about the lack of interest in the NOLA School Board races:

Board races draw little interest

It wields less control over schools now

By Darran Simon
On the eve of the three-day election-qualifying period, few people have announced runs for the Orleans Parish School Board, a sign of the board's diminished control over the city's schools and its uncertain future, observers say.
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The NOLA Public School Board was the most broken of all the broken governmental institutions in PreK New Orleans. This is all the more tragic because one of the only real ways to break out of poverty is through education, and the School Board was hurting our future every second of every day.

My experiences with the board PostK are that it's still broken and desperately needs to be fixed. I watched them wage a low-level war with the RSD where they didn't do anything obviously to hinder the RSD, but every time they got involved it would add weeks to any project. Death by meeting.

At some point, we're going to return ownership & control of all the NOLA (non-charter) Public Schools back to a native institution. We need to start preparing and make sure that the School Board is ready to truly serve the needs of our people. For real this time.

RSD is the Recovery School District.

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Craig Wiseman July 11th, 2008 06:04:00 AM