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The World NEXT ends 

When I got my MCSE (2003), I took all the tests in three weeks, no boot camp, no classes, no ExamCram fake tests, just the M$ certified books and my normal client responsibilities. As a reward, I was given an Xbox 360. Thankfully, CompUSA (RIP) took it back and gave me a credit for it, which I used toward a PS3 60GB.

My kids play some games on the PS3 (NCAA Football, Madden, Blazing Angels), but I mostly use it as a media center to stream music, family pictures, etc. and as a Blu-ray  player. OK, and I still like Spyro (mea culpa).

If sales are any indicator (and they usually are), it looks like the Xbox is going down. Microsoft losses money (apparently a lot of money) on each one sold, and the market looks like it's evolving to two major players: Wii (if you want to play standard console games) and PS3 (if you want to do more). What's more to say? Xbox was outsold by Sony's previous generation console:

Console Sales, Q2 2008
Wii 5.2 Million
PlayStation 3 1.6 million
PlayStation 2 1.5 million
Xbox 360 1.3 million

Can't say I'm sad that another M$ product is in trouble. That's why it's hard not to laugh when they talk about how 'consumer focused' they are when developing Vista and Server 2008. Yes, they've got consumer products down nicely.

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

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Craig Wiseman July 31st, 2008 12:40:36 PM