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The World NEXT ends 

Maybe this came out earlier and I just missed it, but in JMP203 (Know Thy xPages) the presenters mentioned that xPages in the "Rich Client" ala what we call "Lotus Notes" would be in R8.51. 'Least that's what my ears told me . I tweeted about this at the time, but somehow, I've angered the gods of PlanetLotus/Twitter so my tweets don't show there (this is not Mr. Lent's fault - it's something funky with Twitter).

An Aside:
This is one of the many reasons I like going to sessions presented by Ms Leeland and her group (including Ms. Kehoe). I've sat through a lot of conference presentations (at LS and other places) where slick "pretty boys" present glossy things, and that has it's place. But I really enjoy Ms. Leeland's - they are just as professional, clear, and well-spoken as the "pretty boys", but absolutely real, in the kindest and most positive possible terms.

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Craig Wiseman January 18th, 2009 06:36:36 PM

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