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The World NEXT ends 

I fully understand the current "anything but Microsoft" wind blowing, but this looks like an interesting product.
This looks like it solves a number of home networking issues that arise as we get further into the PC-ification of the home. Why?

  • It doesn't require fancy new hardware (but Linux doesn't either)

  • It's easy to set up and use (Linux has some improvements to make here)

  • Backs up up every computer on your home network automatically, while avoiding duplicate files to save a lot of diskspace

  • Gives you one CD "Windows Home Server Restore CD" to boot "bare metal" and restore from

  • Lets you share files and play media from a central location

  • Lets you add diskspace transparently - out of space on the server? Just hook up a large new internal or external drive and go...

  • Appears to allow reasonably secure remote access to shared files and to computers on the home network via a web browser

  • Monitors the health of the network, alerting you if a PC is running with out-of-date antivirus software or if a nightly backup failed

  • No 64bit support

  • No Mac support (surprise!)

  • Can an M$ product really be this easy?

I know that Linux can pretty much do all these things, but it does take more skill and experience to pull together the pieces and make them play nicely together. (The backup & recovery features are particularly appealing to me, assuming they really work as advertised.)

If this really does work as advertised, Bill G. must have made them develop something he could actually use for his own home....

Here's a pretty short but useful expansion from ZDNet:
Microsoft hits a home run with Windows Home Server

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