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The World NEXT ends 

Mr. Jindal is a conservative republican, and he really seems to have a 'get it done' attitude that's lacking from pretty much everyone else in Louisiana politics. For instance, take this section from his newsletter

I recently crossed party lines and joined my colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass three crucial bills that ensure that our government is serving the people.

Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 2007:
The Freedom of Information Act can serve as a great tool for the public and the press to request more information about our government. But lately, some government agencies have not been responding to these requests in a timely or reasonable manner. This bill will fix that problem by restating the 20-day response requirement and imposing penalties on agencies that fail to meet the requirement.

Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007:
Timely access to presidential records can be crucial, and public access should be provided to the full record and not shaped by a former president or his heirs. Up until 2001, it was mandated that the release of presidential records to historians and the public should occur within 12 years after the end of a presidential administration. It also stipulated that a president could claim executive privilege in ensuring that documents remain classified. In November 2001, an Executive Order was issued that gave Vice Presidents the authority to withhold records, and established a process requiring the concurrence of the incumbent and former President for records to be released. The legislation I helped recently pass would repeal this Executive Order, and make clear that the right to claim executive privilege is personal to current and former presidents, not vice-presidents, aides, or relatives. It also mandates that unless a court upholds the privilege claim, the records will be released within 20 days of the claim being made. If a privilege claim was not made, all records will be released 12 years after a president leaves office.

Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007:
This bill protects any lawful disclosure by a federal employee that the employee reasonably believes is credible evidence of waste, abuse, gross mismanagement, or substantial danger to public health or safety. I am committed to fighting waste, fraud, and corruption in government, and I will keep working to ensure that "good government" is not just rhetoric used during elections.

It's pretty sad, but a watched and policed government is the only way we can maintain our way of life. That's straight from the Founding Fathers. It's just great that he'd swim against the current tide that seems to say that we ought to give the office of the President all the powers in the world and just trust that it'll be OK. That's just fine and dandy if we have a good President in office - what happens when we have a bad one?

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