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The World NEXT ends 

Newspaper: Obama slightly ahead of McCain in Nev.
Managing partner Brad Coker for Mason-Dixon said the number of undecided voters is unusually high this close to Election Day.

Folks, if you haven't decided by now I'm thinking you should be appointed a ward of the state. Obama's been running for like 23 months now, and McCain for something close.

How much more information do you need?

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Craig Wiseman November 2nd, 2008 06:47:15 PM

1) What’s up with the undecided voter?
Mr. Clio 11/4/2008 6:59:35 AM

I actually take the high numnber of undecideds as a good thing. I think it means people are really thinking--willing to step out of their usual boxes because things are stirred up and topsy-turvy right now.

Also, I think the two major-party candidates are clearly good men with interesting qualifications for the job. That has people thinking too.

I just hope that whichever one gets elected plays it a little less cautiously when he gets in office. I haven't been impressed with McCain's or Obama's response to the economic meltdown. They have both played it too safe.

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