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The World NEXT ends 

I consult with a number of different companies, and have active email accounts with almost all of them that send to my primary account. At one of my clients this week, there was a rather vicious email flurry to with I contributed one, short comment:

 This is a deliciously interesting topic.

 Cloud computing is a fundamental change in the way businesses view their IT infrastructure. It is a direct, oncoming, and eventually overwhelming threat to the way the company has done business for the last 10+ years. How we deal with and adapt to it over the next 1-7 years will determine the ongoing viability of the company.

Remember though, that "cloud computing" is just a fancy term that describes something real.  While IBM is way ahead in this area, both IBM's & Microsoft's software stacks are becoming so large, complicated, and specialized that in the long-term most (if not all) smaller companies will not be able to reliably and cost-effectively run them in-house, and will be forced into using hosted or "cloud computing" solutions.  When you add in phone, fax, and all the other systems that IT is getting burdened with, the complexity becomes overwhelming. The only sane solution is to start having them run and managed somewhere else.

This directly affects the way the company has traditionally worked because we have generally offered hardware (PCs, servers, SANS, switches, etc) to be installed and config'd onsite at customer locations. The onsite hardware opportunities are seriously threatened, and the services opportunities will trend from hooking up SANS (sic) more toward application implementation and business process optimization.

 It will surely be an interesting 10 years!

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Craig Wiseman January 8th, 2010 08:03:26 AM

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