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The World NEXT ends 

This train of thought combines two (related) varieties of geek-ness: SciFi and Technology.

There's been a whole lot of discussion on how DRM, product registration, online validation, etc. are bad.

A key theme in many scifi novels/movies has been adventurers finding an ancient city/ship/device/etc. still running & workable after 100s/1000s/10,000s of years.

We've now pretty much built our IT infrastructure where that could NEVER happen.

Wouldn't it suck if you found the Guardian Of Forever or Atlantis, etc. and couldn't use them because a licensing server wasn't available?

Guardian Of Forever-Reduced Functionality Mode.jpg

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Craig Wiseman November 20th, 2007 08:18:46 AM

1) Warning: Geek comment
Kevin 11/21/2007 2:10:35 PM

Honestly, no drugs - it was the fried egg creature that possessed my body on Denevah.

This post is can only refresh an interest in Linux

2) Warning: Geek comment
Mr. Clio 11/23/2007 8:36:37 AM

I can't hear you. My head got stuck in a Chinese mechanical rice-picker.

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