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The World NEXT ends 

Right now, among others, there's a UPS trojan going around (click for more info and the UPS response), and our virus software is (and has been) catching it.

But some of my users were worried, so I put this together:

The best Anti-Malware (antivirus & anti-spyware) - Common Sense

Install and use common sense as an antivirus. System requirements are pretty easy:

  • Keep your antivirus and spyware programs up to date - daily or more often

  • Keep your OS (operating system) up to date (especially Windows folks)

  • Don't open or run attachments from people you don't know or that you're not expecting

  • Don't run .exe or .com files you're sent over instant messaging programs like AIM, etc

  • Don't go looking for porn, if you can't stop looking, then you need to get out more (perhaps Sunday mornings?)  

  • Don't looking for program cracks or illicit software on the internet Or anywere else: Software's expensive, jail more so.

  • Don't touch media-sharing (P2P) programs like Kazaa, bitTorrent, etc. Ever.

  • Make sure your home router has a good firewall and you're configured to be behind it  

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Craig Wiseman July 15th, 2008 07:33:15 AM