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The World NEXT ends 

Here's am blog article that discusses something I've been thinking about for a while. Virtualization is definitely going to take over as the standard OP for organizations of any size, if only because it makes DR vastly easier, both in practice, and to test.

The big question now is whose virtualization. VMware is flying high at this point (the stock history is below) - unmaintainably high to  it seems to me.  If you're linux-based, then XEN is coming along nicely and is a major option going forward. With Windows Server 2008, server core, and Virtual Server 2008, Microsoft may very well have found the traditional M$ sweet spot: Not as good as VMware, but functional enough to attract the large scale adoption that seriously undermines the competition. If you use Windows server, then just the licensing aspect of Virtual Server 2005/2008 makes it worth taking a hard look.

At best, there's a lot of healthy competition ahead. At worst, and most likely given Microsoft's pile o' cash and ability to spend on this, VMware's the new Novell. Not dead, but not _NOVELL_ anymore.

Image:Virtualization is the future, but is VMware?
The blue line is the Russell 2000 index

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