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The World NEXT ends 

Here's a nice article to review and reflect on. The fact is that Palm rejected an App submitted for it's appstore.

Palm Responds to NaNPlayer / App Catalog Issue
By Dieter Bohn | Thursday, Sep 10, 2009

We have already posted this as an update to the original story about the  rejection of "inability to accept" NaNPlayer for the official App Catalog, but the more we think about it, the more we think it deserves a full post.  Here's Palm's response to the entire issue, by way of Chuq Von Rospach, the Developer Community Manager at Palm.
Full Story

Note the significant differences here:
+ The app is still available to legal users of the platform, via the homebrew website (you don't have to 'jailbreak' your phone to use it).
+ Palm explained why it didn't approve the app.
+ Palm is working with the vendor to get approved and supported APIs in place so that the app can get accepted.

Time to think different, indeed.

CraigRANT (tm): It's think differently, dammit!

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