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The World NEXT ends 

...Migrating servers. (Yes, when I was younger, I did have more exciting things to do after midnight.)

SwissArmyKnife.gif After a full day of (billable) work in New Orleans, I moved our production Domino, Intranet, Good(PDA), external DNS, Symantec Mail Security, DUCS, anti-Spam, and Sametime servers to new hardware last night. We lease those particular boxes, and the lease is up, so it's time to refresh. Other than the lease being up, the main issue was that they were working flawlessly, and you know that can't last....

Some of the guys here worked really hard to unpack, rack, and cable them and that made it a whole lot easier. It's still surprising how slowly 300GB+ of data will copy, even over a gigabit ethernet connection. I'm really surprised that the Good server didn't have any of the finicky issues I'm used to dealing with Blackberry Enterprise Server moves (happy-surprised, that is.)

I'm realllly hoping that I'll be able to virtualize all/most of those before the next refresh. That'll make any future moves really easy.

After I got home @ 4 am, we had some nightmare issues so I sat up with one of the kids, and then clients started to call at 7:30, so I got less than an hour's sleep.

But hey - NO issues with the server moves today. The big reason for this is, of course, two things: Know your environment, and plan plan plan your migrations. The "doing it" part should be mindless, if the knowing & planning are done right.

AND the server move got rid of my favorite Domino error message (see yesterday's post).

AND the System x 3650s have way better blinkey lights:


So, all in all, a big win.

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