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The World NEXT ends 

Emperor Bush was here earlier in the week to crow about all he's done since 8/2005.

He's lucky that the people of Louisiana, from Venice to Bogalusa to Monkey Island to Grand Chenier have more guts and resolve in their little toes than he does in his whole body.

Take a gander at this if you're sick of hearing about Katrina & Rita, and remember that New Orleans (rightly) gets a lot of the press, there are huge swaths of southwest Louisiana in the same situation.

Well worth the 3:30: click this to watch

Image:If you’re sick of Katrina/Rita news and think it’s over: the Ghosts of Katrina

NO blight easily tops that found in other cities
New Orleans has a far greater proportion of vacant homes than any other city in the country, due in large part to a lagging recovery in about a third of the neighborhoods that were badly damaged by Katrina, new analyses show.
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