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The World NEXT ends 

The public still doesn't understand what's so great about the iPhone. It's lauded as a superior phone (it isn't) that does everything (it doesn't). In fact, the iPhone's greatness comes from its advanced user interface which has features desktops won't have for 10 years.

That comment sums up the iPhone for me. I'll admit, the iPhone hype icks me, but really because of exactly the point being made. Rave about the iPhone, please, but rave about what's awesome about it.
I have a pathetic and ancient Treo 680 and I haven't upgraded to the iPhone because the iPhone for all it's greatness doesn't actually DO what I need my smartphone to do. I'm waiting to replace my phone with something that's overall better, and that just hasn't arrived yet.

But I do want to be clear. The iPhone is an amazing device. I had a chance to work with one last week and really enjoyed it. I just wished it did what I need it to do.

What do I use my Treo for that the 'jPhone' can't deliver for me, all in one package?
  • USB flash drive/music device. 16GB of files & music. (I'm waiting for the 32GB cards to come down in price.)

  • Stream stereo audio to my car receiver. The iPhone does bluetooth phone calls, but since I drive a lot, I listen to technical podcasts and it's very nifty to be able to stream those via bluetooth.

  • Swappable batteries. This may not seem like much, but when you out camping with the scouts it's very helpful.

  • Wireless email, calendar, journal, and contact sync from Lotus Domino. It's hard to believe how much I use a simple thing like the journal (notebook, memos, whatever  you want to call it).

  • A real keyboard. I've tried using the jPhone's keyboard, and it's ok for short (like two WORD) messages, but that's about it.

  • There are lots & lots of free apps for PalmOS that I use pretty extensively (like PalmVNC, converter, CardExport, ). I'm sure the that Apple will catch up here soon, but the iPhone SDK doesn't allow apps to run in the background so we'll have to see how that plays out.

  • UPDATE: As has been noted, I can use my Treo 100% one-handed (sans stylus), something I hadn't really thought about. That is pretty useful. Not that I would ever consider using the Treo while driving.

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Craig Wiseman July 18th, 2008 07:58:08 AM