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The World NEXT ends 

The media keeps the myth alive that NOLa is built all below sea level, and some purport that it's a crazy idea to build a city there, saying things like:

"They [pumps] provide flood protection by draining water from this city that is largely below sea level."
-Houston Chronicle

"Building on coastal land below sea level, no matter where, is fundamentally a bad idea."
-Washington Post

"House Dennis Hastert wondered aloud whether the Federal Government should help rebuild a city much of which lies below sea level."

To the first point - recent studies have shown that most of New Orleans is above sea level. Repeat in your head: Most of New Orleans is above sea level.

To the second point - It should be blindingly obvious that as a major port city, NOLa serves a vital function for the country. If you don't think it's possible or worthwhile for a 1st world country to be able to do this, it's actually almost trivial compared to what the Netherlands have done.

"Studies show without its sophisticated flood control system, an estimated 65 percent of the country [Netherlands] would be submerged."
- U.S.News & World Report

If they can do it for more than half of their country, surely we can pony up a tiny fraction of our national budget to save something worth saving. As to why it's so hard for individuals to rebuild, I have a future blog entry titled Why don't folks in New Orleans stop whinning and rebuild?

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Craig Wiseman April 21st, 2007 11:23:05 AM

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