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The World NEXT ends 

Context: Ruth's Chris Steak House was founded and headquartered in New Orleans. Like a scared puppy, they fled the New Orleans area after Katrina and set up the headquarters in Florida, never to return. They have the gaul to have the opening flash montage pictured below on their website.


This just in:

Ruth’s Chris officer returning to La.
After Hurricane Katrina, Ruth’s Chris Steak House Inc. moved its corporate headquarters from the state to Heathrow, Fla., but one of its leading executives is now returning to Louisiana.

Tom Pennison, senior vice president and chief financial officer, said he’s returning to New Orleans to pursue new business interests, though he stopped short of specifying his intentions.

"I have a deep affection for the brand that Ruth Fertel created and believe that the company is ideally positioned to create long-term value," said Pennison, who has been with the company 11 years and will stay on during a search for a replacement. "I have an equal affection for my home state of Louisiana. It’s a wonderful place and I look forward to returning to the New Orleans community to rejoin my family and pursue other opportunities."

The 42-year-old steakhouse chain has 116 locations worldwide.
Source: The Advocate (BR) .

Understand that I had extremely fond feelings for Ruth's. In fact my first date with my wife (to be) included Ruth's in Baton Rouge. But scummy corporate behavior should NOT be rewarded.

Welcome back, Mr. Pennison: we missed ya!

Don't go to Ruth's. Don't go to Ruth's. Don't go to Ruth's.

Ruth's Chris: "Just Follow The Teethchattering."

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Craig Wiseman December 5th, 2007 12:11:19 PM