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The World NEXT ends 

old_phone.gif There are some good cost reasons to drop your classic 'AT&T-style' landline at home and go with either a Voice over IP phone from your internet provider/Vonage/etc or just use you cell phone.
I've been thinking about it and from my experience, in general, those are good options but there's one downside to getting rid of your classic landline - usefulness in non-perfect/disaster situations.

  • Voice Over IP (VOIP - please don't say 'VOY-P') phones rely on you having power and a working internet connection - without BOTH, they fail.

  • Cell phones rely, likewise, on having a working cellular network, Remember, cell phone networks are built with the least-cost mindset.  

  • When Katrina came around, then Rita, and we lost power our landline still worked. Cells phones didn't, except for text messaging. If we had some kind of critical situation and had been relying solely on VOIP or cell phones, we would have been in serious trouble.

    Disaster Recovery planning doesn't just apply to business, and I'm sure you value yourself and your family at least as much as your servers at work. It's fine to switch to VOIP or Cell, but all Bell system providers have a cheap (something like $12/month) basic plan that you can get to have as a fallback. They don't include call waiting, cheap long distance, or even free local calling. I pray you never need it, but it could literally be a life saver.

    UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Most VOIP setups have some kind of battery backup, so they won't go down immediately and can survive short power outages, but they will go down when the battery dies.

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    Craig Wiseman April 8th, 2007 08:27:04 PM

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