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The World NEXT ends 

If I think about this too much, my brain will explode. There's a balance between sad people wanting free stuff and FEMA just not being up to snuff.
I hope you never have a large scale disaster in your area, and if so, I hope your local and state agencies have their acts together, because that's where help is going to come from.

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Metairie's Finest: FEMA ignores responsibility, whines like children

Travis Andrews | Columnist
Published: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FEMA apparently doesn't feel it's been ridiculed enough for its disastrously pathetic performance following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Gustav.

FEMA recently claimed the reason Baton Rouge residents, some in need for weeks after Hurricane Gustav, could not get the emergency food and water they required was the gluttony of Louisiana residents.

They said Louisiana residents were eating more Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) - or those small brown packages of dry foods that can be heated up with water and a special pouch - than the agency anticipated.

I kid you not. I am not nearly clever enough to think this up.

Both Gov. Bobby Jindal and his spokeswoman Melissa Sellers pointed out this claim is ridiculous and "pretty nutty."

Yet FEMA will not relent.

Has anyone in FEMA ever actually eaten an MRE?
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Here's a better article about the topic:

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FEMA pins blame on Louisiana gluttony. MREs ran out too fast in Gustav

By Robert Travis Scott
Capital bureau
BATON ROUGE -- Nearly five months after Hurricane Gustav, the public relations battle between Gov. Bobby Jindal and FEMA continues over who was to blame for the exasperating depletion of emergency food and water supplies soon after the storm.

At stake is a clear understanding of how to prepare for disasters.

FEMA's argument, contained in a retort to comments made by Jindal last week, is that basically the responsibility for the problem lies with the storm victims of Louisiana, who gobbled up food and water at an "extraordinary" rate after Gustav swept through.

The federal agency said it worked closely with state officials to pre-position what was believed to be an adequate supply of Meals Ready to Eat packets, water bottles, ice and tarps, but the actual demand was far greater and resupply efforts stumbled.

"FEMA brought up this same assertion during the storms, and the governor made it clear that it is nutty to tell the people of south Louisiana that we are simply eating too much and are choosing MREs over our terrific local cuisine," Jindal's spokeswoman Melissa Sellers said.

The renewed flap apparently started when Jindal on at least two occasions in the past week brought up the post-Gustav supply problem.

"FEMA took too long to replenish the MREs, the water, the tarps that were in desperate need by our people," Jindal said Wednesday at the grand opening of the National Guard Readiness Center in Reserve. "Victims should not have to worry about delays in FEMA shipments of food, water and emergency supplies."
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