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The World NEXT ends 

Take a sniff - ah, that smell is "burnt Craig" (tm).  I was working with a client and we were testing out a client upgrade and just couldn't get Seamless upgrade to work. Very frustrating, but it turns out that there's a flag in the mail file's calendar profile ("mailsetup") that gets set: This value reflects the Notes version of your mail file. Which led me to ask the client if the test user's ID and mail file had been upgraded before I came on the scene. Turns out, that while the ID was created in the last week, it was not a 'virgin' ID as I thought, but had, indeed, been upgraded before I arrived, so the flag was already set.

If you're doing Notes client upgrades and Seamless mail upgrade is not working for you, check out this IBM tech note (dated 7/31/2008):  Seamless Mail Upgrade (SMU) does not work after upgrade

In particular:

Enable the debug parameter, "debug_smu=1", and then examine the console log to reveal details about why SMU did not run.

NOTE:When Notes is upgraded and a user mail file is accessed, it stores information in the Calendar Profile Document --> "mailsetup". This value reflects the Notes version of your mail file. Therefore, if you go to an earlier release and then upgrade, when SMU checks the mail setup in the local Notes "mailsetup", it finds that the mail file was already updated (because the version is either a later one or the same as the one you upgraded to).

Example of output: Debug, Skipping SMU: Update done on another machine.


Seamless Mail Upgrade was introduced in R6 to allow you to use policy documents to automagically upgrade users' mail templates. It's pretty nifty.

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Craig Wiseman August 22nd, 2008 09:57:06 AM

1) Seamless Mail Upgrade (SMU) not working?
rob axelrod 8/22/2008 11:03:30 AM

Probably my favorite part of policies. I can't imagine doing an upgrade without this feature.

2) Seamless Mail Upgrade (SMU) not working?
Craig Wiseman 8/22/2008 11:05:53 AM


Ah, my favorite part of policies is setting them to force the web browser to "internet explorer", and watching my Mac users go ... slowly... insane.


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