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Report: Notes Not in Danger

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino does not have recurrent neglect or a life-threatening legacy status. Notes' health has been a concern among users.

LOS ANGELES (Rutters) - IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, which has been dogged by concerns about its' health, does not have recurrent neglect or a life-threatening legacy status, The New York Tattler reported on Saturday.

"While its' health problems amounted to a good deal more than 'a common bug,' they weren't life-threatening and it doesn't have a recurrence of neglect," journalist Joey Noceri wrote in crayon.

Noceri said he spoke to the Ed Brill about Notes' health.

"Because the conversation was off the record, I cannot disclose what Mr. Brill told me," Noceri said.

An IBM spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Earlier last year, Notes, 25, announced it had undergone successful surgery to remove a rare type of software parasite, "Workplace".

Concerns about its health roared back this year, when the thinner-than-usual 8.5 beta was introduced as the latest iteration.

IBM, which first attributed the feature loss to a pressure to ship quality, has said repeatedly Notes' health is a private matter. The lack of disclosure from the company--well-known for its secrecy--caused investors and analysts to fret.

On Wednesday, the Times reported Notes had told associates it was doing well and was parasite free.

Citing people close to Notes, the article said Notes had told associates and IBM management it was dealing with nutritional problems in the wake of its surgery and that it had had surgery this year to fix a problem contributing to his weight loss.


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