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The World NEXT ends 

What do you get when you take a (1) nice new Bluetooth car stereo (Pioneer FH-P8000BT [self-installed]), (2) evil IT Consultant (I always miss-type that as "conslutant" for some reason) who has calls to make, a (3) bluetooth (semi)smartphone, and (4) the pick up line at the end of the first day of school?

So, I get to school more than 45 minutes early so I can be near the front of the line, turn the XL-7 off and start making calls handsfree. That goes well, I get a number calls out of the way, and time rolls around to pull up and pick up my dear 'packages'. Turn the key & .nothing. happens, not even one engine crank. In retrospect, I really shouldn't have had my phone plugged into the car and charging as well using the handfree carphone. Apparently, you can suck a car battery dry pretty quickly with this approach..

Just remember to wave "Hello" to the other parents who are maneuvering around you until you can get jumped.


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Craig Wiseman August 19th, 2008 05:49:01 PM

1) Recipe for personal embarrassment
Turtle 8/21/2008 2:40:22 PM

Replace your battery... you should be able to run a phone or practically anything else for hours or days off a fully-charged car battery.

2) Recipe for personal embarrassment
Craig 8/21/2008 3:11:48 PM

@1 Yep, did that.

I should have mentioned it....

I guess I was more focused on the 'mortified' part of the story.

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