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The World NEXT ends 

Like other geeks, I've set up a fax server for us that gives me a unique fax number that routes to my email.

I receive about 5 spam faxes a month - they don't bother me too much. I just rec'd this one (below). Apparently, some people fall for this. The only reason that fax and email spam exist is that some folks really do think that they need various parts of their bodies enlarged, and that ordering it over the internet using a link from an email is a safe and valid resolution path. Given how prevalent this kind of stupidity seems to be, I've often thought of setting up a website that asks people to give me their credit card information, tells them they'll be charged $5/month, and that it will help them feel better about themselves. I really only need about 5,000 of the 6 billion folks on the planet to make it work. It's a thought.


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Craig Wiseman November 2nd, 2007 11:12:42 AM

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