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The World NEXT ends 

Ieyoub accuses Jindal:
Candidate denies working against tobacco lawsuit

Former state Attorney General Richard Ieyoub said Monday that U.S. Rep. Bobby Jindal worked against him in a tobacco lawsuit that resulted in billions of dollars for Louisiana.

Jindal denied the charge.

He said the dispute dates back more than 10 years to an argument over constitutional powers between Ieyoub and former Gov. Mike Foster.

“It’s an old issue. There’s nothing new here,” Jindal said Monday.

Jindal, R-Kenner, is running for governor. The primary election is Saturday.

Quick find an ugly picture of Ieyoub  The full article is here.

This illustrates a couple of things:

1) The election is this Saturday. I can't imagine why someone would bring this up at this exact point in time, although I'm surprised they didn't wait until later in the week. These kinds of things are usually timed so that the target (Jindal) doesn't have time to respond before the election.

2) The Advocate (BR) has endorsed Jindal, so keep that in mind while reading the article. This also explains why they selected that very unattractive picture of Ieyoub.

Since Jindal's polling numbers indicate he's the dominant candidate, I expect to see a lot of trash talk this week. If you enjoy mud slinging, watch this race.

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Craig Wiseman October 16th, 2007 08:06:05 AM

1) Odd timing
Mr. Clio 10/17/2007 8:27:17 AM

Ieyoub is a classic oldline politician. That's why he brings it up now.

I think he's (Ieyoub's) probably a nasty piece of work.

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