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The World NEXT ends 

Day -1 was a nice travel day, BALD, Saints game day. Guess it's a good thing when I introduce myself to Mary Beth Raven, and she says "Oh, I know you by your avatar", and smiles (mostly). Bailed on BALD (which was hoppin') to go watch the Saints game (virtually) with the family and try and finish up some work so I could attend LS2010, Day 0.
C.U.L.T. shirt - Looks like I got one (or two) of my quotes on it. That's two years running. Cool.

Day 0
(no, it's not BDD day, any more than it's a PIN number [/rant])
BDD OGS was solid. No major announcements (IBM seemed to have gotten those out last week)  Mr. Rennie was as perky and incisive as ever. Since this has already been tweeted out, I'll say that the probably the biggest thing to come out was that Notes/Domino will now be an authorized portfolio in SVI. Translation from the original IBMish: It'll now be a lot easier/more profitable/more worthwhile for Business Partners to sell N/D licenses.

I'll happily bake-off any part of the Lotus portfolio against anyone, anywhere, any time. Bring your code.
- A. Rennie

A humorous point: There was a discussion of "air cover*" that mentioned that IBM knew that Business Partners wanted IBM to advertise and "show the product" and stated that IBM had listened and showed some of the latest ads as proof. Guess what they DIDN'T show in the ads? The product.

From SSO to Managing Multiple Sites: Everything You Need to Know to Configure IBM Lotus Domino's HTTP Task
Went to this session even though I do this kind of stuff for a living. There are always little tidbits that are great to hear, or even that confirm what you've been doing. This session had plenty of both. If you're an admin, I recommend getting the PDF.

How to Build an XPages Application from Start to Finish
Excellent. There the biggest thing (and it's HUGE.) that's missing from XPages is documentation and a "XPages for Dummies". The only reason XPages is going anywhere is because of great "how to do it" content from Mr. Lynch, Mr. White, Mr. Presnell, and many others (not a complete list or even a partial list).
This session was great. Developers, get the PDF. IBM, get some good documentation and get some good books (real, dead-tree non-Red books) published. SOON.

A bid deal (probably): I try and take NDAs seriously, but this is out there now: Ed Brill: Lotusphere 2010 - The new Lotus solutions catalog is live

More updates later.....

My [sarcasm] amazingly witty [/sarcasm] twitter-stream is @WiseCraig. Yes, I'm finally my own @function.

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