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The World NEXT ends 

Wow, what a week. I've got a few minutes in the airport to touch on some items. While there were few 'huge' announcements, there were many, many smaller ones that either are important now, or will show their importance over time.

xPages - This is the biggest one. As has been said by many people for quite a while now, this will be huge. Especially when it's running natively on the Notes client. For the short term, it's a game-changer for web development and Blackberry development. With the Blackberry plugin for Domino Developer, it will be stupid-easy to develop slick, attractive web apps for modern blackberries (Bold, Storm, Curve, etc.).

Domino Developer - This is not your father's DD. It's based on Eclipse and has a bunch of raw edges, but we finally have a real development platform that other folks won't automatically sneer at. Once we get the LotusScript debugger and other requireds in 8.5x point releases it will be awesome.

ActiveSync Support for Domino - This is probably the most unexpected piece. I figured we'd see native sync for iPhone, but I thought it would be done via Traveler & syncML. As it is, this is really an excellent move by IBM. Many many vendors have adopted ActiveSync support, and in one swoop IBMotus has got 'em on our side. There's a huge caveat here:At first I rejoiced just as Ms. Stratton did, but I've been looking at the fine print. Taking this the worst way, my translation  of this is "Enough ActiveSync features supported to make the iPhone work, and we're considering what other devices to support as well." This is NOT a blanket "We will support ActiveSync" announcement, it's a "this is how we'll finally be able to support iPhone sync, since we can't apparently kiss Apple's a..., er, ring enough to get them to work with Traveler". Hopefully, this will turn into a complete ActiveSync implementation.

DB2NSF is Dead. - Thank God (this is not just a flip term for me.). Over a year ago, I gave my reasons here, and they proved true. Go read 'em if you want.

The Notes client PIM functions are dramatically improving, and real, hard work continues to continue making them industry-leading. This is big, and should reassure N/D shops. There are many many things, small & large going on here - you can globally increase the default font in Notes8.5, real group Tasks (nee ToDos) are coming soon.

DAOS - This gives Domino a huge storage advantages over Exchange (for email) and many other document mgt systems. Look at it. Do it.

ID Vault & Notes single signon - ID Vault is spectacular, what we've been asking for for 10 years. You can actually changes a user's password. And it's easy to implement, no rocket science required. This is the Notes/Domino that you used to know. There's been some huge changes/improvements to the way you can set Notes up to give you single siingong on the Windows platform. I don't have the details with me, but they're good, wayy good. Look into 'em.

RIM Support for Lotus & Domino - it's great and keeps improving. Connections, Quickr, Sametime, and Domino support are really wonderful - check it out.

Quickr keeps getting better - and they're not forgetting the Domino flavor. This is a big thing - supposedly we'll in the near future be able to use DDE and xPages to do theme development, and that will be excellent. Tie-ins to

Gotta go.... there'll be more later!

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