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The World NEXT ends 

What is Lotus Foundations?
Looks lke it combines the nitix acquisition with Notes, Domino, and Symphony (sametime, too I'd imagine)  to provide a complete competitor to M$ SBS:

  • file & directory services
  • Mail services
  • Presence?
  • Office apps

Looks sweet!

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Craig Wiseman January 20th, 2008 08:19:11 AM

1) Lotus Foundations...
Brian Connelly 1/30/2008 9:44:02 AM


Sweet indeed! I was a presenter at the first Lotusphere (and Lotusworld 92) and worked with Lotus since R2.0. Being a silver haired sort of dude, I have seen a bunch of wiz-bang offerings that fizzled out in the real world.

Nitix does not (I repeat, DOES NOT) fit that profile. I started working with Nitix 3 years ago and was one of the original beta testers for Lotus Domino on the Nitix platform.

By itself Nitix was one of the most revolutionary technologies I have come across in years. Because it was "Small Business" it did not get the sort of press that Lotus Domino gets. Now that IBM has finally bought the company (what took so long!) and combined it with the world class Lotus line of software, Nitix will get some much needed boost.

All the cool AI based "Unique Technologies" highlighted on the Nitix web site really work! What's more the developers of NitixBlue have made Domino Administration as easy as signing up for Google mail.

Combined with the upcoming Bluehouse and presented to a small business owner it becomes very clear to them that sophisticated world class technical tools don't need to have a world class army of expensive support personnel. For the small business Complexity = bad, simplicity = good. This is why I believe Lotus Foundations will kick butt on Microsoft SBS.



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