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The World NEXT ends 

From The Inquirer:

Jobs reveals an IOS4 update
By Nick Farrell
Mon Aug 23 2010, 10:39
AND IT IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK of Jobs that the people of Steve were perplexed at IOS4 for it did not do what was written on the packet for the users of the less than holy Iphone 3G.

They did moan and vex that IOS4 was a pile of dog poo, "dog slow", and not worthy of the Apple label. And so Steve did go up the mountain to tell God what he must do next and lo he did come back down the mountain having transformed heaven and earth with a more perfect IOS4.

And Jobs did send forth a message unto his unworthy disciples via his holy Iphone and did spake and say, "Software update coming soon. Sent from my iPhone"

And the Apple fanbois rejoiced that he had heard their complaints and would soon render unto them a software update to bind up the Iphone 3G's imperfections under IOS 4.

But there were unbelievers in their midst who did say that Jobs was a little short on details and did care not for the Iphone 3G.

For did not Jobs give unto believers the broken Iphone 4 with the holy rubber band of workage? And did not the Iphone 4 run okayish with IOS4?

But the faithful did spake and said that the IOS 4.1 betas seemed to be improving performance on the Iphone 3G, so all was well in the Walled Garden of Delights and the people did feast on the latte's of joy and listen unto the Coldplay of doom even unto the ends of the earth.

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