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The World NEXT ends 

Just saw The Blind Side recently (excellent, BTW). In the same vein of "a story that sounds too good to be true":

Boy Scout, 11, returns purse with nearly $2,000
(AP) - 19 hours ago
GREENSBORO, N.C. - An 11-year-old North Carolina boy has found and returned a stolen purse with nearly $2,000 inside. The News & Record of Greensboro reported Wednesday that Edward Myers and his siblings were helping neighbors plant trees in a Greensboro park when he spotted a purse on the creek bank. The Boy Scout and his mother called the police, and the purse's owner showed up to collect.
The owner told police her car was broken into on Thanksgiving. Police said the thief took $30 out of the main billfold but missed $1,900 in another compartment before flinging the purse into the creek.
The owner rewarded Edward with one of the $100 bills. He gave $40 of it to his mother and spent the other $60 on a Carolina Panthers jersey

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Craig Wiseman December 17th, 2009 02:23:40 PM

1) It’s heartwarming story time: Boy Scout, 11, returns purse with nearly $2,000
Ian Randall 12/17/2009 5:22:36 PM

It's good to see that there still young people in the world who have the honesty and integrity to do the right thing. I hope the owner gives them a big reward.

On a similar note, a few months ago, two teenager boys in Australia found a hundred thousand dollars wrapped in a plactic bag while out playing, and handed it over to the police.

Hopefully the authorities will reward their honesty by allowing them to keep the money, (unless the drug dealers that dropped this package try to reclaim it). Either way, society will benefit.


2) It’s heartwarming story time: Boy Scout, 11, returns purse with nearly $2,000
Ian Scott 12/18/2009 2:00:48 AM

Ah, the dood old The Scout Law and Promise :)

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