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The World NEXT ends 

Well, obviously the issue must be with Exchange 2007, as the iPhone is perfect in every conceivable way.  Although I am shocked that Apple is "being tight-lipped".

Iphone update kills Exchange access
By Stewart Meagher
Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 14:07 OWNERS OF OLDER IPHONES and Ipod Touches will be in for a nasty surprise if they decide to update to the latest OSX for Iphone 3.1.

The point release - which is supposed to improve security, reliability and fix bugs - also stops all devices older than the brand new Iphone 3GS from accessing some Microsoft Exchange 2007 servers, according to reports.

Users are telling us that after installing the update, a message informs them: "Policy Requirement - The account [account name] requires encryption which is not supported on this iPod/iPhone". Although the encryption policy is a server side option, thousands of users have been succesfully syncing to these servers for many months without problem.

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Craig Wiseman September 15th, 2009 10:30:48 AM

1) Issue with 3.1 Non-3GS iPhones/iPod Touch devices & Exchange 2007
Flemming Riis 9/15/2009 4:14:51 PM

well its a known setting it can be disabled on users with iphones , guess ill try to upgrade mine to 3.1 and see what blows up.

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