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The World NEXT ends 

I'm afraid that this will yet further prove that I've got a strong geek streak, but here goes...

I first heard on a radio show a couple of weeks ago about the lost Archimedes text. We had read an excellent book about Archimedes a couple of years ago (it's a great book to read even for adults). So I was interested from the beginning, but it gets even cooler (especially in the way they've found the texts). From this one 13th century prayer book, they've been able to derive lost texts from Archimedes, Hyperides, and Aristotle. To quote the article:

"I am at a loss for words at what this book has turned out to be.
To make these discoveries in the 21st Century is frankly nutty - it is just so exciting."

Text reveals more ancient secrets (BBC news)
FWIW, here's the Archimedes book we read. It's really fun to read, but your kids will love the book and hate the end - not the writing, but what really happened to Archimedes.

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Craig Wiseman April 27th, 2007 11:50:53 AM

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