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The World NEXT ends 

I was looking for a nice wireless headset to use while I'm driving. Since I left EDS to work for CMA, I do quite a bit of driving (instead of flying).

I'm very happy with the Jabra BT8040 headset. I use my Treo with a 16GB SD card as a phone, PDA, flash drive, and iPod (more on that later).

The really nifty thing about the BT8040 is that it does both phone calls and music. So I can be listening to music or a podcast, and when a call comes in, it just flips seamlessly to the call. Unlike most computer stuff, it just works.

Bluetooth is a geek wonderland - there's so much technical detail to get lost in. Something that's confusing about bluetooth is that there are different profiles: phone calls are different than music/stereo. In order to be able to work the way I wanted, I had to make sure that it did the Headset, Hands-free, and A2DP profiles. Which is does very nicely.

I wondered about how the audio quality would be, given that it's so small and the microphone seems to be pretty far removed, but it's quite good. The main determinant in audio quality seems to be if I actually speak coherently (yes, this can be a problem for me).

Battery life is good, so I'd give it a thumbs up. The only issue I have is that whole 'look - another moron using a headset' thing....

In case you were wondering, this NOT what I look like with it on.

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Craig Wiseman January 18th, 2008 07:05:00 AM

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