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Hot Burled Crawfish

History: Where do Crawfish come from?

According to Thibodeaux Comeaux, a rice farmer in Ville Platte, this story is true.

"Few people actually know this, but Crawfish have only been around since 1775. See, it all started when the French living in Acadie, Nova Scotia were expelled from their land by the British. By land and sea they traveled across North America to arrive in South Louisiana. They were then welcomed by the French who already lived there. The Spanish helped out by providing land grants to these 'Acadians.' Now you may be asking yourself what Crawfish have to do with this story. Actually, they have everything to do with it.

"You see, people up in Nova Scotia really liked lobster, and the lobsters liked them. When the Acadians were evicted, it was only natural that the lobsters missed them terribly. So the Lobsters set out on their own great trek, down the east coast, around Florida, and finally to Louisiana where they found the Acadians' new home. It was a long, hard trip, and along the way the lobsters had trouble finding food, and shrunk up quite a bit. Since this smaller lobster didn't really look like a lobster any more, the Acadians, now known as Cajuns, called this small crustacean a Crawfish."

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