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The World NEXT ends 

I wanted to take a moment and illuminate what I think was really good coming out of LS 08.

Three concepts/sessions made the entire conference worth it:
1.        Domino Designer (vast) improvements in 8.5.
2.        Domino Web Development (vast) improvements in 8.5.
3.        Widgets & Live Text in 8.0.1.

Domino Designer (vast) improvements in 8.5.

This was briefly covered in the OGS (way undercovered) but Ms. Leland's session [AD301 IBM Lotus Domino Designer] shows that it's dawning on Lotus that we don't all aspire to be Rational developers. The point of Notes has always been to deliver fast, secure, functional applications in a modern environment. Lotus started to bring this concept to the web side of Domino 10 years ago, but the IBM acquisition and the love affair with websphere and then portal deprived it of oxygen. Thanks to some folks at IBM for 'getting it'. Given the number hits on my previous post, I hope I helped in some small way.

Domino Web Development (vast) improvements in 8.5.

Mr. Balaban's session [AD302 IBM Lotus Domino Web Server Application Development Directions ] built on the Domino Designer-in-eclipse concept explained by Ms. Leland and shows how it (in conjunction with other Domino server enhancements) will transform Domino web development. Death to Java applets! Long Live Dojo!

Widgets & Live Text in 8.0.1.

This is way-cool stuff, and human- approachable as well. I sat in a hands-on at last year's Lotusphere last year and 'learned' how to develop sidebar applications. What I really learned was that I didn't  want to learn how to develop sidebar applications. The widgets and live-text covered in AD111 [AD111 IBM Lotus Notes Widgets and Live Text: Linking Your Data to the World ] are really useful things. We haven't even started to comprehend how way-cool and useful.

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