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The World NEXT ends 

Since I quit EDS (to work for an IBM Premier Business Partner here in Louisiana) and stopped flying around, I drive a lot. This is a nice trade off, because I get to be home most every night. That's useful in staying married and spending time with the kids. But I digress.

I've tried books on tape/CD/MP3 a couple of times, but they never worked for me. I just ran across an article by Rand Richards Cooper (Can We Really Read With Our Ears? The 'Wuthering' Truth About Novels on Tape ) from 1993. It's old, but really seems to hone in on the root of the issue:
.Reading. a book is vastly different (and better) than .listening. to it.

Go take a gander, better yet: Print it and read it on a dead tree.  I'm sticking to podcasts and music on my Treo.

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Craig Wiseman November 26th, 2007 12:14:04 AM

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