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I had not noticed this, but it looks like the call log on my Bold only displays the last 5 days of activity. Is there a way to have it show my complete history?

Here's the answer! The Blackberry stores your call log for the last 30 days but the call log application only shows the last 5 days (what?!). You have to enable viewing your calls in your Messages (email) list. Mr. Hanscom gives an excellent step-by-step, so I won't go into it here, just head over there to see.

Addition: It's really hard (for me) to see my calls amidst all my emails (sitting at 780 at the moment). The answer is to filter the view:
+ Open your Messages (email) and click the menu button (typically the Image:Blackberry Call Log - Can anyone help?button);
+ Choose Search;
+ Choose Type;
+ Instead of All, choose Phone. (This lets you see ONLY your call log.)
+ To switch back, set the Search back to All.

Gosh, this part worked far, far better on the PalmOS Treo....

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Craig Wiseman December 6th, 2008 09:17:29 AM

1) Blackberry Call Log - Can anyone help?
Gavin Bollard 12/7/2008 1:45:21 AM

Thanks Craig,

I've had a few people ask me about this but just haven't had time to deal with it.

2) Blackberry Call Log - Can anyone help?
Darren Duke 12/8/2008 3:50:42 PM

Maybe I'm missing something here, but you don't have to show the phone log in the message log (aka email app).

Follow the directions in Hanscom's blog, but select "None". This will drop the phone logs from the message list. To see the phone log, click on the phone (green) button.

3) Blackberry Call Log - Can anyone help?
Craig Wiseman http://www.wiseman.La/cpw 12/8/2008 4:00:08 PM

@2 - Yep, you are missing something. The "green button/phone" only shows you the last 5 days of calls. (At least on the Bold/Storm.)

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