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The World NEXT ends 

For you folks in Irene's path, I certainly "feel your pain". Yep, that lil red dot was me in 2008 when Gustav hit. In the northeastern quadrant of the storm (always the worst part of the storm).
I was a bit further away from Ike (2008), Katrina, and Rita( 2005), so all we got then was heavy rain & moderate winds.

The best thing to do in a hurricane is NOT be in its path. You can always rebuild a building, but people ... not so much. That's one reason I like hurricanes better than earthquakes, tornados, etc. You can see them and get the $*$)# away. I urge you to do so. Follow Monty Python's advice and
run away.

Hurricane Gustav, 2008

Image:Be careful, folks in Irene’s path. Better than careful - run away.

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Craig Wiseman August 26th, 2011 11:33:46 AM

1) Be careful, folks in Irene’s path. Better than careful - run away.
Timothy Briley 8/26/2011 1:15:18 PM

To quote Ron White, "it's not how hard the wind blows, it's WHAT the the wind blows".

My favorite hurricane was back in '86. Headed straight for Mobile and was due to make land Sunday night. Instead it went due east to Florida. Stayed off the coast of Florida for several days then headed west. It turned north at Mobile and came ashore exactly one week after it was first predicted.

There's a reason hurricanes used to only be given women's names. It's impossible to predict what they are going to do next.

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