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The World NEXT ends 

It's Wednesday, so you'd think it's a little late to be posting about the weekend.
Lake Istrouma
Unlike the rest of the wonderful folks who got to watch the exciting (and Kentucky) LSU-Kentucky game, we went to the first Istrouma Council Fall Camporee PDF.
It was, really really nice. The weather was beautiful (low in the 50s, high in the 70s), and for the only time I've ever seen it - no bugs.

It was at the Avondale Scout Reservation outside in Clinton, La. Lake Istrouma is pictured at right.

It wasn't really competitive, and we had a small number of scouts go this time - 5. That's because the Fall Family Campout is the week after next. There were over 45 different events, and we were assigned a subset. Our scouts got to do a canoe race (carrying it over obstacles, overland, as a group), fluffy dance, knife throwing, tomahawk throwing, spear throwing, blowdart-ing(how do you spell that?), rifle shooting, etc. Cool, macho stuff....

I posted a slide show to the Troop 1 site here.

Notice anything odd about the patch?
2007 Istrouma Fall Camporee Shoulder Patch

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