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The World NEXT ends 

A lot of folks don't have a very high opinion of blogging and bloggers. From their perspective, bloggers are both arrogant and stupid in one neat package. Arrogant, because a blogger assumes that the world actually cares what they think, and stupid because in this day of identity theft, it's not overly smart to willingly reveal too much about yourself to the world.
They asked me why on earth I would want to start blogging. That's a fair question, especially given the huge number of blogs out there at this point.
So am I arrogant and stupid? In the context of blogging (I'm not going to address the broader question!), I guess this hinges on the reasons that I've started blogging.
I didn't set up my blog for a long time because I thought that I really didn't have anything original to say. Reading and commenting on other folks' blogs over the last couple of years has made me realize that being original is not always (ever?) required. What's required is a perspective and an opinion - and I have a lot of those (opinions)!
Blogging is a form of public conversation on the internet. I'm going to post on things that interest me - there's always been things I hear & see daily that I flag in my brain as notable. This will give me a more permanent avenue to do that. If no one ever reads it or comments, that's just fine. If they do, that's fine, too.

cpwBlog guides

  • Don't be anonymous, it decreases the validity of our dicussion. I'm not WiseAzCraig9821. I'm Craig Wiseman, famous wealthly songwriter. (ok, not that Craig Wiseman!).

  • Make it interesting. Or short. Both is best.

  • Don't not use the blog to attack or abuse folks - espcially those that deserve it.

  • Don't reveal personal information, esp. from other people - it's their info, not mine to give out.
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    Craig Wiseman April 10th, 2007 09:38:47 PM