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The World NEXT ends 

Warning - this pretty much an incoherent ramble....

At Lotusphere 2007, the Quickr announcement looked good, but there's been a dearth of real, technical information about it since then. IBMotus has released a demo of it, and I've run across some other things that are interesting.

- Quickr will ship with 14 different placetypes/templates.

- Looks like there are two versions of Quickr (with two flavors of one):
Quickr  for Domino

- Personal Edition - free with existing Domino license
- Team Edition
The distinctions between personal and team are unclear, but supposedly you can share documents with other people using the personal version.

Quickr for Portal

- Team Edition

- Since the Domino version is an evolution of Quickplace, and the Portal version is essentially a new product, it seems to me that they must have different back-end code & design. That'll make it interesting to make companion products that work in both.

-DDM will eventually be supported, but not initially.

web links:

Original Press Release
Quickr online demo
Quickr Product PDF
Quickr Product Pages (
Features of QuickPlace 8 that morphed into Quickr

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