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The World NEXT ends 

[@Lotusphere] the hum of buses in the darkness... It's going to be a great day!
[@Lotusphere] 1st completely uninformed hope: sync for iPhone.  
[@Lotusphere] 2nd: Notes 8.5x is a breakthrough product.  
[@Lotusphere] I'm in sync with the "what's up with the whole lemons at meals" meme.  
[@Lotusphere] @lazyweb: How do you accept followers from twitterberry?  
[@Lotusphere] standing in line for the OGS. Queue?

[@Lotusphere] attendance is up 2 percent at LS - which is awesome, given the economy.
[@Lotusphere] other companies like Novell have cancelled their yearly shows, but Lotusphere lives!
[@Lotusphere] Resonance shatters glass... Like Windows
[@Lotusphere] netjets tech leader up - maybe the US auto execs shoulda talked to him?
[@Lotusphere] hsbc tech leader up.
[@Lotusphere] guess I'd call the hsbc a "soft sell" of Lotus.
[@Lotusphere] co ceo of RIM up.
[@Lotusphere] bes 4.6 supports d8.5
[@Lotusphere] er 4.1.6 that is
[@Lotusphere] so... What about blackberry Professional?
[@Lotusphere] bb client now supports all connections functions.
[@Lotusphere] quickr support for bb - what flavor of quickr?!
[@Lotusphere] xpages support for BB - DDE pluging!!!!
[@Lotusphere] 2mor0@work .... Ok, I'm sick of 'cool/cute/hip'.
[@Lotusphere] bluehouse becomes LotusLive. Gosh I'm glad they didn't copy Microsoft.
[@Lotusphere] mr renne up.
[@Lotusphere] Notes is 20 this year.
[@Lotusphere] k. Cavanaugh up
[@Lotusphere] notes is not completely like your average 20 yearold - it SAVES you mones.
[@Lotusphere] symphony rocks.
[@Lotusphere] symphony 3 supports office 2007 formats. My ideajam wish LIVES!
[@Lotusphere] atlantic becomes alloy. Spelled correctly!
[@Lotusphere] demo of alloy and notes 8.5.
[@Lotusphere] 8.5 offline activities. Quickr plugins - move multiple docs.
[@Lotusphere] widgets/live text demo.
[@Lotusphere] .some. Bloggers have fast WLAN access 8-)
[@Lotusphere] 8.5 calendar can integrate external ical feeds. INotes, too.
[@Lotusphere] inotes looks more similar to notes client and has widgets and quickr. Cool.
[@Lotusphere] dde 8.5 is the biggest add to Notes since lotuscript.
[@Lotusphere] dde demo. Awesomely cool, o'course.
[@Lotusphere] demo - domino xpages app on BB storm. Yay!
[@Lotusphere] bb plugin gives you specific client support in DDE 8.5. Excellent.
[@Lotusphere] open quickr/symphony from your bb.
[@Lotusphere] quickr will be able to customized/dev'd in DDE!!!
[@Lotusphere] ibm will work with OpenNTF!! Hey, only, what 8 years in coming, BE Happy!
[@Lotusphere] lotus protector... Small plug
[@Lotusphere] foundations will run vmware images (like a windows server)!
[@Lotusphere] UC2 up.
[@Lotusphere] who's this 'we'? 8-) we demand palm pre!
[@Lotusphere] ibm software integrates? I hadn't noticed..... 8-)
[@Lotusphere] sametime telephony integration demo.
[@Lotusphere] yeah, that's it... I want it to be easy for angry users to find me
[@Lotusphere] the sametime stuff looks way nifty.
[@Lotusphere] does lotus make a 'attractive headshot generator' now THAT'D be cool.
[@Lotusphere] now we know who caused mr crummey hell yesterday.
[@Lotusphere] sametime 8.5 big changes - no java or plugin needed. One wonders what the server requires?
[@Lotusphere] mr schick up.
@the_turtle we are. 8-)
[@Lotusphere] 'features that work right of the box.' NICE TO HEAR.
[@Lotusphere] connections 2.5.
[@Lotusphere] new wiki, equal to best in breed. Document sharing.
[@Lotusphere] we demand iphone SYNC.
[@Lotusphere] connections 2.5 support for nokia and iphone.
[@Lotusphere] prett complete mobile support for connections. Wikis, blogging, microblogging, profiles, etc.
[@Lotusphere] quickr 8.1.1 connectors into filenet, other ECMs. If you're one of the 5 percent running java-quickr.
[@Lotusphere] bandwidth is MINE all MINE.
[@Lotusphere] quickr 8.2 for domino - ecm connectors for domino announced.
[@Lotusphere] larry bowden up.
[@Lotusphere] portal discussion. Portal is cool 'cause you can look cool to your customers. Not a bad sell.
[@Lotusphere] addict your customers to you. Interesting approach.
[@Lotusphere] hey IBM software integrates, if you hadn't heard.
[@Lotusphere] ibm maship center is market leader.
[@Lotusphere] lotus forms ...and other integration with portal demos, connections, mail, etc.
[@Lotusphere] infosphere mashup hub. Um, hufjjkfhjk
[@Lotusphere] there's an large IT mantra - if you let users config it, they will confug it.
[@Lotusphere] mr rennie up.
[@Lotusphere] s. Dooley up.
[@Lotusphere] lotuslive engage.
[@Lotusphere] lotuslive enage demo.
[@Lotusphere] wifi has NEVER worked for me at ANY OGS. Just went with my BB from the start.

[@Lotusphere] so... Does that make bluehouse a ..?
[@Lotusphere] jean luc picard was not english or irish.
[@Lotusphere] lotuslive engage - all your ibm integration goodness, in the cloud, with other companies.
[@Lotusphere] yes! Listen to the conference, watch the conference AND drive on you BB Bold.
[@Lotusphere] "best finale ever" coming up.
[@Lotusphere] k. Lauria up.
[@Lotusphere] ibm does good IBM brand marketing. WE NEED equally good product marketing.
[@Lotusphere] people buy products. Brands help sell products, but they buy products.
[@Lotusphere] yay for elguji!!!!!!
[@Lotusphere] excellent OGS! Go lotus!
[@Lotusphere] no coffee.
[@Lotusphere] did I mention there's no coffee?
[@Lotusphere] agreed! I figures after IBM knelt and Kissed apple's a.., er, ring at MacWorld, we'd see some public movement on sync'ing
[@Lotusphere] re:"I figures" yesss I ams gollums, and I really wish I culd spel.

[@Lotusphere] ah, thanks!!!
[@Lotusphere] google goes a long way to help it's ISVs. Hope we see a similar commitment from IBMotus.

 ID201 IBM Lotus Domino: A Look Ahead
[@Lotusphere] bruce springsteen singing rasberry berret. Kinda creepy. {I like springsteen. I like prince. they have .slightly. different personas}
[@Lotusphere] domino 8.5 notes shared login and IDvault R.O.C.K.
[@Lotusphere] DOAS also rocks, and not only because it's a FLA.
[@Lotusphere] d8.5 - turn off auto view updates PER Database.
[@Lotusphere] d8.5 router is moe bettah.
[@Lotusphere] DAOS req's transaction logging. TransLog decreased CPU use by 50 percent is d8.5
[@Lotusphere] Collin Murray and Russ Holden talking about develpment, xpages, and DDE in domino session. Must hurt for admins to do that. 8-)
[@Lotusphere] post8.5 additions will be added incrementally and smoothly and timely fashion.
[@Lotusphere] openNTF! They said it!
[@Lotusphere] REST API's over http - mail, PIM!
[@Lotusphere] directory APIs to prepare for directory independence.
[@Lotusphere] SPNEGO support for domino http server in plans.
[@Lotusphere] linux 64bit domino server 'is next in line' and in 8.5 stream.

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