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The World NEXT ends 

Just to show that IBMotus gets real programming, Lotusphere (like any normal array) starts with Day 0.

There are two names (literally) that are under embargo until tomorrow and many folks have commented on some of the specific things that went on today so I don't need to go there (much).

The main thing that struck me about the BDD OGS was a lack of clear focus on specific IBM products. Sure there were lots of points made about Notes/Domino 8.5, Sametime Untie, etc, but unlike past years, they were almost sideline notes, and not the main focus of the OGS.  I have been thinking about that all day, and I guess the theme I would make of it is that IBM is trying to show that they can bring order to the chaos that is the general IT world in organizations of  any size. Without actually disrupting the chaos, they want to show that it's possible to bring together disparate data stored all over the place seamlessly for the user. That's a powerful message in general, and maybe it should have been specifically laid out for us.

Was there another message I missed?

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Craig Wiseman January 18th, 2009 07:20:00 PM

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