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The World NEXT ends 

* It looks like based on the comments from the AlphaWorks site that the Trillian plug-in will not be made to support Sametime 7.5, although it may be upgraded to work with the upcoming version of Trillan at least.

* Trillian Pro was brought up often when discussing the impressive size and capability of the Sametime RTC gateway.

Those of the 'conspiracy' mindset might assume that those two points are related. I doubt they are, but at the institutional level there can't be too many kudos available to the plugin developers from within IBM, and since IBM has discontinued support for the plug-in when using IBM internal servers, the developers probably can't even use the plugin themselves very easily.

The Trillian plugin and the RTC gateway are both very good solutions to different problems.
I'm sure the RTC gateway's future is solid, and I think there are also a lot of folks who would find a continuing option like the Trillian plugin very useful indeed.

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Craig Wiseman April 3rd, 2007 01:38:10 PM

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