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The World NEXT ends 

What do you say when you have bad news or no news... when you really should be saying something?

One corporate take is to say as little as possible. (and hope the issue goes away, I guess).

I've blurred the name of the source for this comment, because I don't want her (or is it him?) blamed  for my extrapolation.

Related to this issue we have an answer from our colleagues from Level 2 that even the future version 10 does not have the support for it yet - and there is an enhancement request even for that version. The enhancement request for SHA-2 is the most needed one in Domino history. The more customers are requesting it, the more chance there is that IBM will put time and money into fixing it. We added your PMR to this very long list. The software problem report number is SPR # ABAI7SASE6 and APAR #LO46492.

If you haven't yet, please call IBM and open a PMR in support of this SPR/APAR.

C'mon, IBM I want to believe you're going to do the right thing here. and soon.
really. I do.

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Craig Wiseman October 6th, 2014 12:04:11 PM