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The World NEXT ends 

After much worrying non-communication, IBM came out with the initial POODLE for SSL patch and then the POODLE for TLS patch.

These were timely and clean fixes - thank you IBM for these.

I've included an email to IBM support regarding the fact that the POODLE SSL/TLS fixes break Domino as an internet-facing SMTP host... a role it Domino has served for many many organizations since the Notes Server R4 days.

If you are an IBM Domino customer, please call IBM support and open a PMR on this issue. Ask them to add the PMR to SPR LMES9QRUZY this will end weight to this issue and may sway development to actual fix this fundamental issue.
 (PMR = "Problem Management Record" | SPR = "Software Problem Report")

Image:Domino customer? Please call IBM support help get SMTP TLS/SSL fixed

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Craig Wiseman January 16th, 2015 12:56:27 PM