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The World NEXT ends 

For you folks in Irene's path, I certainly "feel your pain". Yep, that lil red dot was me in 2008 when Gustav hit. In the northeastern quadrant of the storm (always the worst part of the storm).
I was a bit further away from Ike (2008), Katrina, and Rita( 2005), so all we got then was heavy rain & moderate winds.

The best thing to do in a hurricane is NOT be in its path. You can always rebuild a building, but people ... not so much. That's one reason I like hurricanes better than earthquakes, tornados, etc. You can see them and get the $*$)# away. I urge you to do so. Follow Monty Python's advice and
run away.

Hurricane Gustav, 2008

Image:Be careful, folks in Irene’s path. Better than careful - run away.

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Craig Wiseman August 26th, 2011 11:33:46 AM