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The World NEXT ends 

I'm not able to comment much on the Saints .... game ... from yesterday.

The only point I can make is to rehash this post: yeah, the Saints lost. Again. On national television. Been there, done that.

Yes, the ending of the game was horrific. One sentence: We miss Deuce.

In some ways, though, having gone through the stages  and reached acceptance, this is the best time to be a Saints fan:
+ No Expectations.
+ No Pressure.

This is the time to relax and have fun. Punt the ball straight up and hit the screen...well... if we had a center screen anymore. But that kind of thing.

It is what it is, but let's not forget who we are and where we came from.

Who DAT!!

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Craig Wiseman December 3rd, 2007 09:29:11 AM

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