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The World NEXT ends 

As reported by Mr. Donaldson, IBM just isn't doing anything for PalmOS anymore. For a variety of (I'm sure to them) good reasons, Lotus has elected to NOT make a sametime client for PalmOS.

If you'd to be able to access Sametime anyway, Shape Services has developed an IM client for PalmOS that access sametime, called IM+ for Sametime. From my testing I can say this: It's $30, and it seems to work as advertised.

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Craig Wiseman January 30th, 2008 02:15:02 PM

1) Want Sametime on your PalmOS Treo?
Gregg Eldred 1/30/2008 4:37:44 PM

I am getting used to having to buy my way with the PalmOS. :-) Stuff that is free on other platforms comes with a price on Palm, and so far, I am okay with that. Maybe I am blinded by my affection for it.

Thanks for the link.

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