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The World NEXT ends 

So, I get up early and leave at 5AM to get to New Orleans before the traffic gets abysmal. Nice plan. There are two accidents on I-10 on the way in and the rubberneckers were out in droves. Even though there were two clear lanes past each accident, what should have been an hour commute took over 2.5 hours.

So how do we fix this? One of two ways:

  • We design giant pop up curtains for the police to deploy so you can't see the accidents.

  • We give the police a special type of laser they set up by the accident so that if you look at it while driving by for longer than, say 2 seconds you go blind.

I'm voting for the lasers.
Image:Solutions to rubbernecking

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Craig Wiseman September 24th, 2008 01:27:30 PM