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The World NEXT ends 

Kinda odd. A nice, positive summary of the history of Notes/Domino (once you get past the first couple of sentences):

Image:ServerWatch: Whatever Happened to ... Lotus Notes Whatever Happened to ... Lotus Notes

One "Huh?" moment: '...the open source Notes client...'

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Craig Wiseman September 23rd, 2008 04:35:31 PM

1) ServerWatch: Whatever Happened to ... Lotus Notes
Mr. Clio 9/24/2008 7:21:19 AM

You're back! Excellent!

P.S. That LSU-Auburn game was one of the best ever. I wish Les Miles would lend some of his chutzpah--that's what I'll call it in a family blog--to Coach Payton. Miles: "Oh, we need a field goal to win? Not good enough. I want a touchdown."

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