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The World NEXT ends 

Image:Ruminating on the current economic crisis and the word, "Sacrifice"

A number of different threads have been running together for me.

The scout troop went to the National WWII Museum recently, and it was a profoundly moving experience.

Between that and all the references to the "Great Depression", my thoughts have spent a lot of time in the '30s and 40s lately.

My Nana passed away coming up on two years ago now. I was a number of states away at out first scout summer camp at the time and could not be there - something I will regret forever. But, my wife and oldest son stood up and filled in well for us.

Nana was born in 1914, and these all come together because I've often thought of the world-wrenching changes she saw during her life. She was born in the horse and buggy era and live through the post-space age internet era. The Titanic sank. The Great War. The Great Depression. World War II, The Korean War. McCarthy. Desegregation. Hurricanes Betsy, Camille, et al. The Civil Rights movement. Vietnam. 9/11. Katrina. I'm sure that the evacuating from NOLA for Katrina took 5 years or more from her/us.

And now we've borrowed from our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren more than $2,500 for each US taxpayer, and that's just on this particular bailout. That doesn't count the TARP or the huge general deficit we're running. I heard that this year, the Treasury will have to borrow over 2 TRILLION dollars.


Another thread that folded in is the video below. One of my sons has gotten into Guns n' Roses lately, and while I really like them, for some reason I'd never seen the video for Civil War. Even if you hate them, turn off the sound and watch.

Even with wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, pain, effort, and loss is almost completely focused on those few, proud families that have sent family members "over there". The vast majority of America has not been asked to sacrifice anything. Current generations really have no clue what sacrifice means.

I'm not arguing if we need the bail out or not - that bail out is a done deal. Now we need to buck up and fix things. Let's get rid of the deficit and get the national debt 'down' to 1.5 Trillion. There's nothing wrong with us that we can't fix ourselves. We have the time. We have the capability. We just need the will.

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Craig Wiseman February 10th, 2009 05:53:55 PM

1) Ruminating on the current economic crisis and the word, Sacrifice
Michelle Teague 2/16/2009 7:27:52 PM

Your Nana was a wonderful person and I am glad I knew her. My grandmother is now 95. She was born in 1913. Much like your Nana, she lived through the Great Depression. My grandmother (and, while he was alive, my grandfather) often told stories about how my great-grandparents "rode out" the Great Depression in our family's small house in Ship Bottom, NJ. They closed off half of the house because they could not afford to heat it. She also lived through the Jimmy Carter years. She sees scary similarities between FDR, Carter, and Obama. She has told us several times that FDR dragged out the Great Depression much longer than it had to be. His policies did not work. Neither did Carter's and neither will Obama's. She is very afraid of what the future holds for my children, her great-grandchildren.

Her and my grandfather did sacrifice so my mother and uncles could have a better life. She and I definitely agree with you. People these days have no idea what true sacrifice means. We do not want to give up anything. Unfortunately, we all will end up sacrificing much more than we want. My grandmother sees our freedoms and rights as the first casualties. We have to realize that making tough decisions and sacrifices now will help us and our children in the future. I want my children to have all of the rights and freedoms I have. If that means I have to do without many of the luxuries I have become accustomed to, so be it.

2) Ruminating on the current economic crisis and the word, Sacrifice
Mr. Clio 2/17/2009 11:31:52 PM

Yea u rite.

Sacrifice is a dirty word. We need belt-tightening, reduced frilly services, investment in long-term projects, and taxes at an appropriate level that helps to moderate income inequality, which has been on a rampant increase.

And we get none of that.

We get more borrowing, reduced taxes, and so on.

I think the new president gets it, but he (like Dubya) hasn't mustered the gonads to challenge his own party in Congress.

I hope the new guy learns to do so. If he doesn't, we're hosed.

I was talking about this very topic on public radio just a few years ago:

{ Link } .

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